Meet The Team


Meet Lucky!

“Welcome to Lucky Flow Acupuncture! Acupuncture has always been a significant part of my family’s tradition, and I’ve been practically raised as an apprentice of Traditional Chinese Medicine since birth. I am dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with the best possible care, aiming to relieve your acute and chronic pain. With over decade experience in the field, I’ve had the privilege of training with some of the finest experts in China and around the world.

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Meet Saralyn!

“Hello, My name is Saralyn and I am the Lead Patient Coordinator. Most of the time you’ll find me in the office or running around the clinic helping Lucky and our patients. Before working at Lucky Flow, I was a pre k teacher for 5 years. I have always loved to help people and switched my profession from helping little ones to alternative healing. Outside of the clinic, I acrylic paint and read all I can about various time periods in history.”