I thought I need a neck AND back surgery. Chiropractor didn’t help. Pain in my neck shoulder , arm , and able to sleep , unable to move my head and I could not look up. The pain was so unbearable I would rate the pain a 9 out of 10 . Never…ever would I have thought about acupuncture. I thought acupuncture was a way to relax the system. It is A LOT more than that. After searching through the internet as was my last resort to find pain resolution and I came across Aaron Li website and saw the 5 STAR REVIEWS so I made an appointment and I was BLOWN AWAY with the results . in fact, I thought it was a MIRACLE…! he was able to make the pain go away 90% on the first visit and 100% after the 2nd visit. I’m a nurse so don’t usually do not use much alternative medicine. I tried yoga to try to stretch and help with the pain but thst did not work. Coming to see Aaron Li a God send. He save me a lot of money and a lot of frustration going through the medical system . A MRI alone cost 900 to $1,000 and that’s the first thing the doctors will order. If you’re having pain and discomfort come try Aaron Li, you have nothing to lose but pain. I suffered this for OVER 2 months. I feel that this was a miracle . I will continue to see Aaron Li as needed. He is a miracle worker. THANK YOU Aaron Li