My mother had chronic back and leg pain for well over 3 years and we consulted and tried different methods including and not only english medicine, kerala, homeopathic, ayurvedic and etc with no cure to the pain and no clue of the root cause. She came to visit me in april and the pain became unbearable. Our personal doctor advised to try acupuncture. I googled and found Aaron. He conducted tongue analysis and nerve analysis and was able to tell the root of the problem in the first sitting and within 5 sittings reduced 95% of the pain and my mother was able to walk 2 miles a day. He is extremely knowledgeable and is easy to talk to. He listens to your problems patiently and gives excellent care. We are so happy with his care, my mother actually created couple artaorks and presneted to him on the last day. We are forever grateful and we wish him all the success in whatever he does. Highly Recommended!