Livonia Acupuncture

I am 78 years old, the last 2 years I have had severe neck pain after walking 30 minutes or working around the house. I’m on a blood thinner and my cardiologist said no pain medicine like Aleve should be used. Tylenol does absolutely nothing for relief. I was very pessimistic at first about acupuncture being able to give me relief. I chose to try it at Livonia Acupuncture. Aaron Li is a great acupuncturist he is skilled and professional and he is totally concerned about your health and problems. I went for my first treatment 8 weeks ago and after the 3rd treatment I have no neck pain. I have 2 more sessions and I feel great with more energy. After I return from my vacation in December, I am going to renew my sessions for arthritis. You have nothing to lose if you’re in pain and don’t want surgery. I totally recommend Aaron Li acupuncturist he is great.

Joe Nerowski