I have suffered with migraines and tension headaches most of my life. I was getting massages three or four times a week and was cancelling plans many weekends, due to the debilitating pain. My husband came across Lucky Flow online and saw the testimonials from people who found success with acupuncture from Lucky. I decided to go in for a consultation and Lucky told me he was confident he could get me 80% better. I couldn’t believe it!I have been going for three months now and find myself getting significantly less headaches, just by lying back in a chair for 30 minutes a few tines a week with some needles in a few places. The needles generally are not painful and when I get a “shock” from one, it’s usually only momentary. The treatment is not inexpensive if you need many visits but is well worth the trade-off of a better quality of life. I would recommend seeing Lucky if you are tired of living with pain. P S. You will love his staff. Quinn, Rachael and everyone are great!