Went to see Aaron Li for help with back spasms that had not responded to conventional physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications. As a physician, I was somewhat skeptical as to what benefit might be gained, but being open to non-traditional care and coming with strong recommendations from a patient and friend, I thought it worth the effort.Aaron was engaged and empathetic as he explained his findings and treatment plan. His technique was virtually painless. I went twice a week for about 8 weeks, and then backed down to maintenance therapy on more of a weekly basis. Each treatment found incremental relief resulted.Aaron’s bedside demeanor was re-assuring and confident. The treatment ares is communal with as many as 10 patients being simultaneously treated. Despite this, the area is calming and quiet enough that I was able to nap for the half hour the needles were in place. The seeming lack of privacy is not a problem as only already exposed areas, lower legs, arms, neck and face are generally treated and I am certain that treatment costs are kept reasonable by this approach.I have improved greatly and would recommend putting aside skepticism and engaging Aaron for help with any pain problem that is not responding to conventional treatment.