Summer: The Season of the Heart


The sun is shining bright in the sky, temperature has risen, everything is vivid and lively-
Summer is here!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season is ruled by an element and represents an organ system.
You can optimize your health by living in tune with each season!

Summer is represented by the fire element, and the fire element rules the heart.
The heart is considered the “Emperor” which rules all the other organs in Chinese medicine.

The heart is in charge of circulating the qi (energy) and blood and nutrients to all other parts of our body.
The heart is also the place where our “Shen,” our spirit resides,
connected with our mind, and what connects us to the energies of this universe.

Sign of heart meridian issues can be depicted by lack of energy, excessive anxiety, restlessness,
dull eyes and complexion, inflammation, palpitations, shortness of breath,
too much or too little sweating, insomnia, paleness of the face from poor circulation, disconnection, distraction, and sadness.

The physical health of our heart is dependent on the health of our spirit,
and the health of our spirit is dependent to the physical health of our heart.

The more we work on creating a peaceful heart, the better it is for your overall health.

Whether you are relaxing on your porch with a good book, gardening, at the beach, bike riding, sitting by a campfire,
barbecuing, or watching fireworks- we hope that you can cultivate a peaceful heart through summer related activities!

Have a happy summer!
Livonia acupuncture.

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