The Hidden Power Of Your Tongue


Understanding the Chinese tongue diagnosis history

When it comes to Chinese tongue diagnosis history, there are quite a few things one needs to understand before jumping into it. First and foremost is the fact that this practice is steeped in tradition. Traditional Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years, developing into one of the most respected medical systems in the world today. Why? Because it works! And part of why it works so well is because the Chinese are well aware of their own culture and history.

Your tongue has hidden powers

The hidden power of your Tongue is not just what you say, it’s also what your Tongue says. Chinese medicine tongue diagnosis has been practiced for over 2,000 years and is based on the belief that different health conditions can be diagnosed by examining the Tongue alone. Tongue diagnosis is a type of “shade” or pattern seen in the Tongue which has a specific meaning and indicates certain types of disease states.

The ancient art of diagnosing the tongue

You may be wondering why Chinese tongue diagnosis is such a valuable tool for examining the health of a person. Chinese medicine practitioners have long used tongue diagnosis to help them assess a person’s health. Tongue diagnosis can be helpful for diagnosing both Chinese and Western diseases.

Some of these health conditions include:

-Thyroid problems

-Heart problems

-Kidney problems                                                                                        

-Liver problems

-Stomach problems

-Diseases of the respiratory system

-Pancreas problems

Your tongue can present underlying conditions that could help diagnose symptoms before a problem can occur, that’s amazing!                           

What your tongue might be saying

By looking at the color, shape and texture of the tongue, they can get a good idea of what is going on in the body. For example, a red and swollen tongue may indicate an infection, while a pale and smooth tongue may suggest a lack of blood flow. There are several reasons why this type of diagnosis is so effective. Some of these reasons include:

-The shape and color can indicate the state of internal organs

-The tongue’s coating can indicate imbalances in yin and yang

-Your tongue’s movement can indicate wind, cold, heat, or dampness in the body

-Lesions on your tongue can indicate the presence of diseases

All of these factors combined can provide a wealth of information about the state of your health. If you are experiencing any unusual symptoms, it is worth having your tongue checked out to see if Chinese tongue diagnosis can identify the cause of your problem.

Your tongue can show your emotional state

Another interesting fact about traditional medicine is its use of tongue diagnosis to determine a patient’s health in relation to his or her emotional state. Why would we want to know that?! Well, because it helps us treat patients more efficiently! For example, if someone comes into our clinic complaining of shortness of breath but looks like they’re not feeling very relaxed … guess what? We can now assist with providing Chinese herbal supplements to help their specific body relax thanks to this new knowledge from Chinese tongue diagnosis history.

Thinking about having your tongue examined?

The list of health conditions that can be examined by the tongue is long, and this is just a small sampling. Chinese tongue diagnosis is a safe and non-invasive way to examine the health of your body, and it may be able to provide you with some insight into the root cause of your health problems. Contact Lucky Flow Acupuncture and schedule your initial exam with Dr. Lucky, learn what your tongue says about your health!

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